AA Marathon Meetings

Saturday, August 20
08:00 am Came to Believe

Robert T

09:00 am Restless, Irritable and Discontent

Toby W

10:00 am Higher Power

Micah G

11:00 am Trudge the Road of Happy Destiny

Annie G

12:00 pm Place Principles Before Personalities

Chenoah P

01:00 pm Live and Let Live

Sandy P

02:00 pm Integrity

Shelly B

03:00 pm The Promises

Jeannette D

04:00 pm Powerlessness

Toby W

05:00 pm Ego Deflation

Kyley M

06:00 pm Surrender

Brenda K

07:00 pm Sought Through Prayer

Shane L

08:00 pm Humility

Jim D

09:00 pm Cunning, Baffling,Powerful

Dimi H

10:00 pm All Inclusive, Never Exclusive

Jewels D

11:00 pm Spiritual Progress Rather Than Spiritual Perfection

Sadie C

Sunday, August 21
12:00 am Spiritual Experience

Elexia E

01:00 am Conscious Contact

Natalie L

02:00 am Acceptance is the Answer

Mike H

03:00 am Pause When Irritated or Doubtful

Terry R

04:00 am We are Not a Glum Lot

Brianna P

05:00 am Driven By a Hundred Forms of Fear

Toby W

06:00 am Upon Awakening

Ray G

07:00 am To Thine Own Self Be True

Judy G

08:00 am We Will Know Peace

Keenan H

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