AA Marathon Meetings

Friday, August 23
06:00 pm Daily Reflection August 23rd

Lisa S

07:00 pm We are not a glum lot

Clint W

08:00 pm The quality of life my sobriety has brought

Dorian H

09:00 pm The happiness we found giving ourselves to others

Brianna P

10:00 pm Liberated of resentments
11:00 pm Have I been resentful, dishonest or afraid today
Saturday, August 24
12:00 am 12th Step
01:00 am If newcomers could see no joy or fun in our existence
02:00 am One day at a time
03:00 am 9th Step Promises
04:00 am In the end there was nothing left but misery
05:00 am Spiritual Axiom
06:00 am Morning Meditation
07:00 am Daily Reflection August 24th

Anna P

08:00 am Outside Help page 133
09:00 am We absolutely insist on enjoying life

Taylor J

10:00 am Only 2 Sins page 542 (3rd edition)
11:00 am 11th Step
12:00 pm The Joy of Living
01:00 pm God is responsible for the Outcome
02:00 pm Teachable Again

Juliana E

03:00 pm Veterans In Recovery
04:00 pm Design for Living

Jeannette D

05:00 pm Grapevine - Sharing from the Heart

Bonnie N

06:00 pm Grapevine - Submitting Your Story

Bonnie N

07:00 pm Page 69
08:00 pm Page 96
09:00 pm To Be Happy Joyous and Free
10:00 pm Knowing who I really don't want to be
11:00 pm Assuming responsibility over my own recovery
Sunday, August 25
12:00 am Willingness to Make a Change
01:00 am Happiness happens when results exceed expectations
02:00 am Service to Others
03:00 am Egomaniac with an Inferiority Complex
04:00 am Newcomers
05:00 am Gratitude
06:00 am Cheerfulness and Laughter page 125
07:00 am Daily Reflections August 25th
08:00 am Insist On Enjoying Life